Advisors: When it Comes to Technology, Ask Questions.

    Then Ask Some MoreAsk Technology Questions

    When an advisor is considering a transition and comparing offers from multiple firms “technology” is often cited as a deciding factor and for good reason.

    A technology migration can often be one of the most time consuming portions of a move. Technology hiccups can also be unsettling if clients get wind of it.

    From email to databases to operations, your technology should be seamless and easy to use. A firm should offer an integrated technology platform that is highly efficient and responsive to your needs. Time-consuming processes—such as account opening and management, document imaging, transaction execution and account rebalancing—should be automated to improve efficiency and accuracy so you can focus on growing.

    6 Technology Topics to Consider and Questions to Ask

    Portfolio and Account Management

    • How will the technology help with the processing of trades, new account set up and rebalancing and the like?

    • Are research tools and managed account solutions included?

    • What kind of reporting is generated? Can the reports be customized?

    • Is it forward-thinking, innovative and user-friendly?

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    • How are communications with clients as well as potential clients managed?

    • Is it a proprietary CRM? Can a choice be made between several options?

    • What about cloud technology solutions?

    • Can you stay with your current platform if you choose?


    • How robust is the compliance support?

    • Are email, social media and website archiving included?

    • Does it extend to document management?

    • Will the latest changes in rules and regulations be proactively shared?


    • What measures ensure sensitive data will be transferred with confidence?

    • Will emails be encrypted?

    • Are there firewalls in place to protect against unauthorized users from accessing clients’ personal information?

    Mobile Access

    • Is there the ability to stay connected whenever and wherever if need be?

    • How robust are your apps? What will I realistically be able to accomplish remotely?

    Training and Troubleshooting

    • What kind of training is provided for advisors and back office staff?

    • Will there be a go-to person to contact and troubleshoot when the technology isn’t working?

    • Are resources, tutorials and help guides made available?

    The questions are the starting point. The answers will be the keys to accurately comparing offers and deciding which option best fits your needs.

    For more information on this topic and more, download our white paper: Finding the Right Place for Your Professional Future: Four Key Considerations.